Sports Federation for the Disabled of Slovenia – Slovenian Paralympic Committee (NPC Slovenia) will be the first in parasports history to host a qualification tournament in para table tennis for the Tokyo Games.

The qualifications will be held in Laško between 2-6 June 2021. “21 Tokyo tickets will be available, 21 spots for the Games. The player who wins their class, qualifies for the Paralympics,” explains Gorazd Vecko, who oversights the sports aspect of the competition in Laško. “The qualifications will be different, special due to the COVID-19 conditions. The players will be restricted to their hotel rooms and the venue. When they are done playing, they will be going straight back to the hotel. It will be a great challenge for all of us,” Vecko continues and provides some numbers.

“Last year, when the qualifications were postponed, we had 250 entries. We will have more than 200 from over 50 countries this year, as well. Its no wonder, though, since players want to go compete in Tokyo,” Vecko says and reminds us that no spectators will be allowed in the venue, but the public will be able to follow the tournament on a special application and NPC Slovenia’s official YouTube Channel.